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handle with care.

i am just an ordinary people who lives in this cruel world. i had made a lot of mistakes in my life. i am not that perfect as they are. i had cheated so many people. i even made their hearts hurt. i could not turned back to those bad times and asked for forgiveness from every each person that i had cheated on. if i could turned back the time, for sure i would  like to do that. what goes around comes around right? i mean the 'karma'. if we do bad things to others, we will experience the same situation as they are.

day by day i am trying my very best to improve myself. from worst to better. i am trying not to hurt other people feelings. i know how it really feels like. i don't want other people feel what i had felt before. it hurts too much. heart is considered as a 'fragile' organ in human body. it can easily break into pieces. once you break it, it will never be the same as before. so, handle 'it' with care.

p/s ; do not try to hurt other people. appreciate who ever loves you.

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