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A gift from God. His name is Nelson Gerald Chow.

I know its hard to believe that I'm the great girl that tried many times, many ways to move on. Even he cheated on me, i still can't let him go. some said that i am stupid to accept him back. what can i do if my heart still calling his name every minute & every second of my life? 

We had been through the sadness & happiness of life. And ya It's really happened to me and you have to believe too that I'm not in the past anymore. I had threw away my past into the liter bin. New year , new life.

This time I am hoping that he is not playing fool of my heart. I really do love him and yes He's the one that can really makes me happy. Not for a fake smile. Now he's everything to me. He gave me strength. He even lead me to the right path. He shows me the right direction in life. I had learned something that I never knew before. He's different from others. He used to be who he is. I love being on his side. He makes me feel calm & safe every time he hugs me. *touching*

Seriously I tell you that yeah I can't even live without him. *touching again* Usually we text 24/7. sometimes chatting and webcaming. not forgotten, he calls me every night before i go to bed. well, it is a long distance relationship guys. Fucking damn hard. wanna try? i bet that your tears will always rolling down from your beautiful eyes to your horrible cheek. go & try.

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