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i am proud to be Diana Easter.

I may not as beautiful , hot and adorable as Kim Kardashian or even Megan Fox. but , I have my own way to be what I wanted to be in my life . I don't have to look calm and cool like a few as I am very clumsy one . I don't have to adjust my hair to look like this and that & follow those new trend among teenagers because I love my hair . I don't have to wear a ladylike outfits as I only comfortable with T - shirts , jeans , and my sandals . I don't have to be someone that you want because I love my image right now . I just don't give a damn what peoples will say and judge about me because it's not my problem . I'm just living with my life and I'm not gonna live my life for other people . hate me? oh i really appreciate it. & thank you for that.

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