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i am sorry for everything. i love you mom.

i don't know how to start this. hurm. i'm sorry i could not be that perfect daughter that you want to. i'm sorry that i am lazy. i am sorry that i never make you happy, mom. yes you are right. i am useless. i admit that. but you need to understand me too mom. I am just a normal teenage that has an immature mind . just like other teenagers. i still need your guidance. and i am trying so hard to follow all your demand. 

all the words that came out from your mouth really makes my heart hurt. even though you did not mean it at all. i could not say anything. even a single word. i could only describe my feeling through the tears that rolling down on my cheeks from my eyes. i am willing to change if you want to. i am sorry once again. just give me a favor. please do not accuse me doing things that i did not do. thanks.

p/s:  i love you mom.

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